Website Design for NDIS Care Providers:


National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) offers services and support to persons with major and permanent disabilities, as well as to their families and caregivers. The program aims to improve the independence and social involvement of people with impairments while also enhancing their quality of life. With over 18000 registered NDIS care professionals in Australia, one needs to be proactive about communicating with their prospective clients and highlighting their services before they move on to their competitors. Building an NDIS website can be a valuable tool for improving access to information, streamlining processes, and connecting people with disabilities to the services they need.


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Importance of website for customers with disability:



Informational platform:

Websites are a great way to inform people with disabilities, their families, and caregivers about the NDIS. Details such as qualifying requirements, services that are offered, and application procedures may be included.

Boost accessibility:

Creating an NDIS website can assist and make it easier for individuals with disabilities to access information compared to more conventional information sources like brochures or pamphlets. A well made website can often be easier to navigate and is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

Application Procedure:

By collecting details through online forms and providing information and checklist therein, a NDIS website can help in streamlining the application process. This in turn eases the application workload for NDIS services and make it easier for care providers to work.

Connect People with services:

A website for the NDIS can also assist in connecting persons with disabilities to local service providers. A provider directory or a search feature that links people with appropriate services based on their needs can do this.

Improve Communication:

Finally, a website can help the NDIS agency and its stakeholders communicate more effectively. This can include news updates, commenting systems, and discussion and collaboration forums.
Making website accessible and disability friendly makes sense as it would at the least mean additional reach for your website but for a disable person it could mean the difference of getting in touch or not being able to consume your content at all. Over the years we have built website for many NDIS businesses and are confident in putting your website online in a way that complies with all the accessibility requirements and can be used by users with various disabilities.

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