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Building affordable custom websites for small businesses from Canterbury Sydney.

Why Us?

Custom Websites

We don’t sell templates or pre made designs, all our websites are made from scratch and based on the information and the design preferences of individual customers.

Support & Maintenance

All our websites are backed by our comprehensive support and maintenance. we guarantee the functionality of all the core features of the website built by us for up to a year even when the site is not hosted with us. 

uniwebau Technically Superior

Technically Superior

we use the latest in development practices, use custom written codes and create features locally as much as possible to avoid bloating the website with unwanted load. Our websites load faster and have a much easier user interface.


Having done this over many years and having served a lot of businesses we know that you wont have to go broke just to have a business website. Our pricing is indicative of the amount of work that we put in and is extremely competitive.

SEO Friendly

We build websites with search engines in mind. However fancy or well written a website is, it is of not much use if its not picked up and ranked by google. we make sure that all the websites we design are written properly with all the prerequisites to get found and ranked on google.

Compatible Framework

Based on the client requirement we use a range of CMS frameworks like wordpress, drupal, laravel to create and expedite the building process without sacrificing quality. Whatever your needs are the website would be built on the most compatible framework.


What to expect

Getting your business online – The needs & Challenges


If you have a business or are thinking about starting one, its quite impossible today to think about it having a chance to compete without some sort of an online presence. The way your clients interact with you have changed vastly in the last 10 years and getting yourself a functional and easy to use website is an absolute must among other thing you need to do to stay relevant. Getting your online presence sorted can put you miles ahead of your competition in getting new leads and retaining them over a period of time.


Every business is different and so are their needs and finding the right online solution for you could be quite challenging as every option that you come across will claim to be the best for you. How do you find the right answer then ?


That’s how Uniweb can help you. Our team of experienced web designers and digital marketing professionals will offer their expertise to guide you toward making the right decisions that keep your business relevant and successful online.

Tell us what you need, we’re here to help

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WordPress Development Questions Answered

Have Questions about how to build your business website, Drop us a line and we’d be happy to answer any questions you have

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How much does it cost to build a new WordPress website ?

The cost of a new website depends on the type of website you want built and the features you would like to have in them. The cost of a simple informational static website is very different from the cost involved in building an online store. For reference our packages starts at $990 for a static website and $1650 for a WordPress CMS website. Final cost can be provided once the requirements are discussed. Contact us to discuss your website needs.

Can I update my WordPress website content?

All WordPress websites come with a easy to use admin panel allowing complete control of the content structure of the website. You can create menus, write pages and posts, upload and create galleries and have multiple features for complete control of the content on your WordPress website. A detailed over the phone tutorial is provided when the WordPress project is completed.

Whats the process to get started?

For a nominal trial activation cost of $110, we setup your account and assign you a account manager who will in detail discuss about the project, get all your requirements and provide you with a time frame for completion. We start with the layout of the home page and the coding of the website will be done once the initial layout is approved.

You are under no obligation as such to have the website designed by us if you don't feel that the design that we came up with or the changes that we made don't match your expectations. Its a non obligatory offer.

What services do you provide?

WordPress Website design & development, revamping your existing website, complete hosting & maintenance, domain registration, domain based emails, search engine optimization, social media marketing. we would like to consider ourselves experts in all aspects of web related services. we have been doing this for over 12 years now providing services to businesses across Australia.

Whats the ongoing maintenance cost?

We provide a comprehensive hosting & maintenance package for $330 a year in which we provide complete coverage for your website which includes unlimited space for hosting, free phone and email support, unlimited changes and modifications, all site updates etc. We also do basic search engine submission and google maps listing as a part of the hosting service.


Hosting & Maintenance is a non obligatory service with no contract, you can have the website hosted with us till the you want, we will happily help you switch to a different provider if you felt the need to.

Whats the turnaround time for new website build?

Time involved in building a website is case specific and will depend on the features required in a particular build. Normal informational websites can be completed within a working week whereas online stores can take multiple weeks to finish. If there are custom features that are required which are to be built from scratch, that takes even more time. Build time can range anywhere from a week to many weeks based on the website requiements.

When & how do I pay ?

Trial activation cost is upfront, the design and development cost is due after approval of the landing page layout. Hosting & Maintenance cost if due before publishing the website.

We accept payments through all major debit or credit cards, bank transfers or paypal 

Is your website company based in Sydney?

Yes, we are based in Harris Park Sydney, but we provide web based services to clients all across Australia. All our development work is done in house by a team of experienced web developers based in Sydney.

If you are searching for a WordPress website designer in Sydney, Please contact our team at 02 8003 7308 or email us and a project manager will get in touch with you to discuss further.

Why us, among many other WordPress developers in Sydney ?
  • Return on investment - We keep are cost very competitive as we understand the need for a business to be online without breaking the bank.
  • Dedicated account manager - Once we have you onboard as a website client, you will be dealing with just one person making it easier for you to have your issues addressed.
  • Turnaround time - We have a turnaround time between 1week for an informational website to around 8 weeks for an online store which is a lot quicker than most of our competitors.
  • Local developers - Having local offices in Sydney, we understand the unique perspective your business has and can cater to it with tailored solutions just for you. 

If you are looking for a website designer in Sydney or surrounding suburbs, Please contact our support team for a nonobligatory quote!

You are a WordPress Developer, Can you do SEO ?

All WordPress website built by us are made with SEO in mind. We take utmost care to make sure that the basic principles of SEO are adhered to while coding the website. We Also help with core web vitals, structured data, basic submission and on page SEO as a part of our development plan. We also provide advanced SEO services for targeted keywords.

Why Should you use a local WordPress Agency?

The benefits could be many, but the one that tops the list is access and convenience. Since we are based locally we understand you and your business more than a developer based overseas would. We provide our support in regular business hours in Sydney and we certainly can execute your ideas much faster.

We are a WordPress development agency based out of Harris Park providing websites powered by WordPress to businesses across Australia.