How Much Should a Website Cost?

This is a tricky question to answer as the cost of building a website can vary significantly based on a variety of parameters. Some of the main factors that influence the cost of a website include:


1. The complexity of the website

The more complex a website is, the more time and resources it will take to build and maintain. For example, a simple brochure-style website with just a few pages of content will be much less expensive to build than a large e-commerce site with hundreds or thousands of products, multiple payment gateways, and advanced features like personalized product recommendations.


2. The design and branding of the website

The design and branding of a website can also have a big impact on its cost. A custom-designed website with high-quality graphics and a unique look and feel will be more expensive than a simple, template-based website. In addition, the cost of creating a strong brand identity, including logo design and visual identity guidelines, can also add to the overall cost of the website.


3. The development team

The team responsible for building the website can also affect its cost. A team of in-house developers may be more expensive than an offshore development team, and a larger development team will generally be able to work faster and deliver a more complex website than a smaller team.


4. The hosting and maintenance of the website

Finally, the hosting and maintenance of the website can also add to its overall cost. Hosting a website requires a server to store the website’s files and make them available to visitors, and this can cost anywhere from a few dollars per month for a simple shared hosting plan to thousands of dollars per month for a dedicated server. In addition, maintaining a website requires ongoing updates and backups, which can also add to the cost.


Overall, the cost of a website can range from a few hundred dollars for a simple, template-based website to thousands of dollars or more for a complex, custom-designed website with advanced features and a strong brand identity. We at Uniweb strongly believe that being online is paramount to businesses of all shapes and sizes and cost alone shouldn’t be a prohibitory factor to get a website done. While it’s true that building a custom online store can cost a lot, a normal static informational website shouldn’t cost as much as $5000 like a lot of our competitor charge.


Our website packages starts from $1650 for a full fledged custom CMS website to $2200 for a standard online store using Woocomerce. Our hosting & maintenance service is $330/year for complete support and maintenance package.