WordPress powers almost 43% of all websites on the internet today (source), so its well established that its a very powerful tool to build websites. Just like anything technical, you are bound to run into problems if you own or manage a WordPress website, thankfully most of these issues or errors can be avoided or fixed with basic care practices and familiarizing yourself about the source and cause of these errors.

In this article we will discuss some effective care practices and go through a list of 10 most common WordPress errors and way to fix them. Lets start !!


Basic WordPress care practices:

Here are a few pointers to help you keep your WordPress website running smoothly without getting critical errors:

  1. Keep your WordPress up to date.
  2. Make sure to have your PHP version updated to the latest.
  3. Check and consistently update all your plugins as they become available.
  4. Always keep a back up copy of your site allowing you to restore in event of critical failure with loosing much data.
  5. Use secure passwords and opt for custom login URL’s instead of the generic ones.
  6. Use secure and fast web hosting if possible.


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10 Common WordPress Errors & How to fix them

1) 500 Internal Server Error

2) White Screen of Death

3) 403 Forbidden Error

4) Error establishing database connection

5) SSL Error

6) Images not displaying

7) Cloudflare Error 521

8) Memory Limit Error

9) Maximum upload file size Error

10) Maintenance mode Error