Since our inception in 2008 we have been providing web based services to small and medium sized businesses all across Australia. From a small informational website for a Indian restaurant in Innaloo, Perth ( to a complex online store for a triathlon store based in Sydney and Melbourne ( we have taken on website projects of all kinds and delivered and maintained them successfully over the years.


While we have managed to retain our customer once we have them onboard, signing up new customers over the phone is always tricky and rightfully so. We are just a voice over the phone for the customer and they hardly know us. Even someone who is actively looking for a website would be skeptical to get a website done with someone they hardly know let alone sign up and pay for the service. We understand this very well and hence came up with the concept of Trial Activation.


We offer our customers non obligatory Trial Activation in which for a nominal cost ( not the development cost) we setup up their account and have our design team work on a home page layout for their website. This would be to give them the idea of how our version of their business website would look like. The design would be made in line with the customers request of design choices and with the information provided by the customer. Once ready the layout is shown to the customer and is modified on request unlimited times till the customer is satisfied or decides otherwise.


We believe this is the best way to start our non physical relationship as once the home page layout is shown, we have a base to further our conversation and get to know the client better, to understand their design ethos and work to make their vision of the business website a reality. We proceed only when the customer is satisfied and intends to move ahead with the development phase of the website.


Here are a list of base prices* involved in our website development process : 

Trial Activation & Account Setup : $77

Static Web page development -7 pages: $990

CMS WordPress web development : $1320

Annual Hosting & Maintenance : $330 / year

Advanced SEO : $220 / 5keywords/ month

Custom Development : Contact us for a Detailed Quote