Ensure your clients are NDIS participants:

Verify that your clients are engaged in the NDIS: Verify that your clients are NDIS participants who have registered. This indicates that they have undergone the eligibility assessment and have an NDIS plan that has been approved. Provide them with instructions on how to apply and handle the access procedure if they are not presently participants.




Get familiar with the NDIS website:

Learn everything there is to know about the NDIS website’s features, tools, and resources. This will help you assist your consumers while efficiently navigating the website. Be on top of your NDIS website’s control features on the CMS, post regular updates with useful information for your customers and make use of NDIS accessibility features to make your website easier to consume for disabled users.


Create a line of communication:

Decide on your clients preferred way of communication to open a communication channel. You can do this by phone, email, video calls, or any other kind of communication that works for both of you. Specify when they are available and when they wish to be contacted.



Guide clients through their NDIS plan:

Help customers in understanding their NDIS plan, including the goals, money allocation, and assistance categories listed in it. Point them in the direction of the NDIS website pages that contain complete details on managing and implementing plans.


Provide support coordination:

Help customers in understanding the role of support coordination and how it might benefit them if you are a support coordinator. Guide them to resources on the NDIS website that further explain the types of supports and services they can obtain through support coordination.


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Define the participant portal online:

Introduce customers to the secure online NDIS planning tool, the MyPlace participant portal. Show them how to use the features of the portal, including
how to update personal information, check plan budgets, keep track of expenses, and submit service provider payment requests.


Offer constant assistance:

Position oneself as a point of contact for your customers and remind them that you will be around to respond to their inquiries, offer suggestions, or allay any worries they may have regarding their NDIS plan. Keep in touch frequently and check in to make sure they are employing their supports wisely and accomplishing their objectives.


Unlike other businesses NDIS participants could be tricky to navigate, these are individuals who have disability of some form and as such need to be treated and communicated with utmost care. Be concise and clear in your communication, offer them your service range while advising what your expert opinion is on what service suits them the best, overall they need to understand and envision how your association will make their life easy and independent. Using the points mentioned in this article you should be able to get and keep most of your NDIS participants and be on top of your competitors.